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Item 105
This Agate is wrapped with 14k gold
filled and sterling silver wire. It has a
swirl of colors creating an
interesting pattern. Colors include:
light blue, cream, light brown,
burgundy & a hint of orange. There is
druzy quartz area at the bottom of
the stone. The pendant has been
placed on a
gold colored copper
necklace wire with gold and light
brown colored beads. The necklace
is approx. 16 inches with a lobster
claw clasp and gold colored jump
Coming Soon!
This is Forest Plume Agate
wrapped with 14k gold filled
and silver wire. With this
beautiful stone you can see
the vivid white plumes
tipped with vibrant forest
green colors against a
backdrop of  brown and  
white. This pendant is
approx. 5.9cm long and  
2.5cm wide.
This is a 28 carat  faceted
smoky natural  quartz is
wrapped with 14k
filled and sterling silver
wire. The Beautiful rich
brown color makes this a
neutral tone pendant that
can be worn with almost
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and availability. Thank you.